Connecting Pacific Businesses to the World.

Kokonutvibe Pty Ltd provides businesses with current technology solutions to help grow and scale market share locally and globally.

We utilise the latest technology available which provide an optimised solution stack for our clients that will maximise productivity whilst minimising running costs.

Using the latest “in the cloud” technology solutions gives SME businesses the ability to operate and compete with other business globally without the high running costs with no barriers to scale up quickly and expand as required.

Read further on our different solutions offering and contact our team for more information on how we can best assist you.

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Kokonutvibe Pty Ltd. PO Box Q1331, Queen Victoria Building, NSW, 2130. Australia.

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Our Solution Services

SME IT&C Solutions

The combination of our team and our cloud solution partners like Google, Microsoft, gives us ability to provide the best solution stack to help you build your ITC infrastructure rapidly and securely online so you can have the ability to grow your business locally and internationally. We currently provide these services in Australia, Fiji and the Pacific region.

Sales & Marketing

We provide sales & marketing solutions for businesses choosing to outsource their requirements. Our services include, print & digital marketing, website development & e-commerce solutions. Our ability to provide business with both the front and back end business solutions allows businesses to have a seamless workflow process from marketing to sales and customer service.

Events Management

Our events team specialise in Pacific themed B2B and B2C corporate events & festivals. We have over 10years experience in running our own festivals and corporate events and we also provide our event management services to other businesses who are looking to outsource their events management requirements. This service is currently available in Australia & the Fiji islands.